collected trees

Photographs from Hagley Park and the Christchurch Botanic Gardens
Photographs by Darryl Gilbert, Essay by Fiona Farrell, 2013
Handsewn binding

My photo-booklet "Collected Trees" is a collection of twenty images that I've created over the period 2005 - 2013. The booklet has been made to celebrate their existence in Hagley Park and The Christchurch Botanical Gardens, where many of these beautiful trees have stood as silent witnesses to almost the entire history of our city, through the good and bad times. Included is a wonderful essay by acclaimed NZ and Christchurch author, Fiona Farrell, especially for 'Collected Trees'.

'Collected Trees' has been printed in Christchurch by Caxton Press onto 170gsm Silk Matt text paper and  a 270gsm Ultrafine Smooth soft cover. Each booklet has been hand stitched together by me to produce a beautifully crafted finish. It measures 23cm x 23cm, includes twenty images over 24 pages and is presented in its own heavy-weight card folder.


Limited to 500 copies

Trade edition $39 SOLD OUT

Special edition $125 SOLD OUT



Dear Darryl

Thank you for your books and prints. They are beautiful. I gave one set as a gift and the recipient was delighted with them also. I am very grateful for these photographs that celebrate trees that are so beloved in Christchurch.

All the best



Hi Darryl

Your gorgeous book arrived yesterday and safely too. Thank you so much. Fiona Farrell's essay is great.

You have preserved our trees and left your mark in the annals of time - whatever happens to the living trees now, their memories will remain forever.

Best wishes