1. What is the difference between an open edition print and a limited edition print?

A limited edition print - As the name suggests, a limited number of prints will be made available for purchase. There are just 12 prints available plus 2 artists prints of each image. Once these 12 prints are sold, there will be no more prints of that image available. The artist may choose to retain or sell the remaining 2 artist prints at their discretion.  Because of this, limited edition prints are more expensive than open edition prints. The print is signed and numbered with the print number and the total number of prints in the edition. For example 7/12 indicates print number 7 of a total of 12 prints available.


An open edition print maybe printed without any restriction on the total number of prints being available. The print is signed by Darryl. The printing and framing of these prints is equivalent to the quality of the printing and framing of the limited edition prints.




2. What do I do if my print arrives damaged?

On receipt of your purchase, it is imperative that you open and inspect to ensure that the work has arrived in perfect condition. In the unlikely event of any problem, contact me immediately, so a replacement piece can be sent ASAP.




3. How do you package and ship the orders?

I want you to receive your order in perfect condition. To this end I take all the necessary precautions so that your order is not damaged during shipping. The framed artwork (small size only within NZ) is wrapped in bubble wrap and protected with heavy weight cardboard and then placed in an oversized box with further cardboard added for even greater reinforcement. The large unframed prints are rolled within acid free tissue and placed in a heavy weight cardbord postal roll. When receiving a rolled print, I recommend that you take it directly to your picture framer, who can flatten the piece for you before framing. Larger prints can be difficult to roll back into the tube without damaging the print, So please avoid the temptation to open at Home!




4. Can you ship the framed limited edition print?

Please note I cannot ship the framed limited edition prints under glass as the risk of damage is too high. The unframed print, can be shipped to you FREE within New Zealand. I am happy to discuss your needs and maybe able to arrange framing for you and a pick up or delivery within the Christchurch area for the framed option. The unframed prints (rolled into a sturdy postal tube) and shipped to you are ideal for you to take to your local framer for the framing to be completed. No framed prints are shipped internationally.