Walking back towards wonder - a manifesto

The value wonder stands for is openness. Openness to difference, to strangeness, to the unknown. The person who wonders is keen not to assimilate difference or to domesticate strangeness but to continue learning from them, for as difficult or uncomfortable as this process might be at times. Vlad P. Glaveanu


Note: To 'walk' or to 'travel' may actually mean walking or travelling, (who knew) or, it may mean sitting still. You choose!


1. Travel slowly, pack lightly
Distractions are not helpful.

2. Prepare for awe
Hint: it's around every corner, just waiting for us.

3. Invite curiosity

Beneath our feet, in the air we breath and in every cell of our bodies there is evidence of previous worlds.  Let curiosity get its chops around that!

4. Bring your imagination
That is how possibilities for the future will awaken ......and it might even help decide whats for dinner when you open the fridge!

5. Take a break. Be still.
This place can get hectic and noisy. Thankfully some sage advice from Leonard Cohen, who described going nowhere as "the grand adventure that makes sense of everywhere else." Thank you LC, .... and for the songs. RIP.

6. Be a guest
Because ultimately, these landscapes belong to no one.

7. Choose what we pay attention to
We're not here very long. There is no permanence and Botox isn't going to change that!

8. Look up
We are flying through the universe on an ancient, complicated, endlessly evolving planet.

9. Grab it back
Glamour stole the word 'beauty'. So grab it back and bring it with you.

10. Put it on silent mode

Because what we should be carrying around in our pocket all the time is the mystery of  our being here.

11. Play a game
Everytime you see or feel something of beauty, stop and notice. Seek it everywhere - in the landscape, music, art, clothes, furniture, gardening, companionship, love, or in ourselves. Name it, ponder it, let it sink in. Oh, by the way, everyone wins!

12.Being grateful
We are here. This planet has evolved to this point, to allow us this.